Introducing Liftrider

The uniquely über-engineered ski backpack.

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The pack you'll actually want to take skiing.

Light. Comfortable. Low-profile. Balanced. Water-resistant. Patented shoulder strap adjustment mechanism. Smartly designed pockets to safely hold everything you want. 2L removable water reservoir with insulated hose. Patented mechanism to release bag from body in case of emergency.

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Ski longer and more comfortably

Low Profile and Balanced

Comfortable on the chairlift
and on the slopes

The Liftrider is designed like no other pack. With a maximum depth of under 5 inches, you can wear it comfortably while riding the chairlift. On steeps or bumps, it stays close to your core so it doesn't affect your balance.

Surprisingly Roomy

Fit everything you need.

Despite its low profile, the Liftrider can hold everything you want, and more, in intelligently designed easy-to-access compartments. You no longer have to decide whether to take an extra layer or not.


Custom-designed hydration bladder and hose.

In all sports, proper hydration is essential to performance and edurance, even more so at elevation. With its custom 2 liter pack and integrated, insulated hose, the Liftrider will keep you hydrated with water that, well, tastes like water and remains liquid even at low temperatures.

Safety First!

Patented Safety Release Mechanism

Wearing a pack on a chairlift can be dangerous if it snags on the chair. So we have removed anything that could snag. And we designed and patented a mechanism on the waist, shoulder, and sternum straps that will release them if they get snagged.

Insanity Straps!

The world's smartest shoulder strap adjustment

Ever fumble around to release your backpack (especially with ski gloves on)? We designed a new strap release mechanism. Pull down on the cord to bring in the shoulder straps for a secure, snug fit, and simply push out the shoulder straps with your thumbs to release them. Magic. Magnetic attachments keep the cords from dangling.

Smart Phone Support

Extra love for your phone

Ah, the indispensible phone - take pics, make lunch dates, check if anyone misses you at work... Keep it handly in the expandable strap holder (fits up to an iPhone Plus). Thread your earbud cords and carve your S'es with some appropriate tunes. And if your battery runs low, we thought of that too, just unobtrusively carry a charger and charge the phone in its special pocket.

Engineered to be the world's best skipack


Low profile yet roomy. World's first push-release Instanity straps. 8 Intelligently designed pockets. 2L hydration bladder with insulated hose. Water-resistant.


58.6 x 33.2 x 12.75 cm
22 x 13 x 4.5 in


25 oz (700 gm)


The pack is quite roomy and best fits individuals of height 5'5" - 6'6"


20 Liters

Top: 6 Liters

Bottom: 14 Liters


Water-resistant polyurethane-coated nylon

  • Padded top compartment (5.5L)
  • Lower body compartment for water reservoir and extra layer
  • 2 side pockets for drinks,goggles
  • FlatCard/money slot
  • Phone charger slot
  • Shoulder strap phone carry
  • Shoulder strap ski card

Packed with thoughtfully designed features, LiftRider will change your mountain experience

Setup in action!

Here's how it all fits. This should help with setting up your pack but if you have jmore questions, just email or call us!

The Story

The idea behind Liftrider originated when Farhad was riding the Red Dog lift at Squaw Valley and hated that his backpack was pushing him too far forward on the lift (Red Dog rides really really high). He shared the idea with his long-time friend Sani.

A serial entrepreneur and obsessive engineer, Sani loves building great products and delights in solving engineering challenges. Whether it's building a tree house that rest on his tree without using any nails, or this new ski pack concept, Sani cares deeply that the solution be elegant and novel.

This Liftrider is the result of multiple prototypes (many cut and sewn by Sani himself), an initial run of 100 packs field-tested last winter, many reworks, a successful kickstarter campaign, and multiple trips to China aimed at finding the right materials and factory. You can read much of the story in the kickstarter campaign updates .

  • Sani ElFishawy

    Liftrider Creator

  • Farhad Farzaneh


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